Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sundays :)

Tomorrow is Sunday. I love Sundays :) Every Sunday I strip and clean the barn. The goats love it. They are soooo My barn floor is gravel covered with dairy mats. I'll pull all the used shavings and directly use them as mulch for all my gardens,spread them around my trees, making it easier to mow and put them anywhere else I don't want weeds to grow. No more buying mulch for me. I have a seemingly endless supply. Thank goodness they seem to break down quickly while providing fertilizer too. I use all my wasted hay as bedding along one wall. I will stir it up like crazy because compost needs oxygen to decompose. I might also mist it lightly with a water sprayer depending on how dry it is. Then I put down a light layer of Sweet pdz and fog a light layer of diamatious earth along the walls just in case any bugs like lice decide they might want to move in. Refill the the loose minerals and kelp and baking soda containers and then I roll on the floor in the new shaving and play with the goats. A perfect morning :)

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