Friday, January 19, 2007

Welcome :)

Well if the new website wasn't enough I've decided an attempt at being modern and have decided to add a blog. Perhaps I can share a few of my natural methods that seem to work and help someone else out. Perhaps I will be flamed. But that's ok . Feel free to comment. I love debate :) Its finally a little more normal outside. Below freezing after weeks of unusually balmy weather. My goats are all snuggled in their barn. I continue to turn their beds everyday and add new wasted hay on top. My hope is that the new compost pile/bed will both provide warmth for the "little goats" and turn into the gold I will till into my garden soon. If I smell even a hint of ammonia, I use an all natural product, Sweet PDZ, to neutralize it. I have done this for years in the chicken coop and the results are wonderful.

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