Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Help me Pleeeaaase!!!!!!!!

I have two great ideas on how to get your sweetie to help more with the goats..... Shhhhh....this is all very secret stuff. The first one I wouldn't recommend to anyone. However, it has absolutely worked the best. Break your heel bone and end up in a hard cast for 4 months...Leaving poor sweetheart HAVING to do EVERYTHING goat related....OMG....I was terrified. In the beginning I gave him tons of lists and tons of the end he had his own program going he would, so often, tell me...OMG!! The goats thrived and worked their own brand of magic. He has favorites now....knows most of their names and cares about them oh so much more. The change was amazing :) :) I think the key here is to realize even though it might not be exactly "your way"it might just do. The second idea perhaps only works here...hehehe Go start the project on your own....give it one heck of a try...Of course you won't be doing anything right... and here at least, sweetie will eventually take the project over. Tails Up! Beth

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