Monday, January 25, 2010

Show and Tell

I have posted a PIC titled Merry Xmas and Happy New Year (never too late)I have a customer who requested a Christmas Pic of her two new doelings to she could blow it up and give it to her little grand-daughter because the babies were just too small to leave yet.I was excited!!!!! ...what a fun Christmas project, as I certainly didn't expect to have Christmas babies again ever and really wanted a PIC for the web site.Out I ready and battery loaded...two huge extra large garbage bags full of empty beautiful presents, plastic ornaments...lights....all the usual stuff. Ready to set up my pending masterpiece :) I must admit I had considered just duct taping bouncy1 and bouncy2 and stuffing them in stockings....(just kidding) I set everything up in a kidding pen and its just a DISASTER...Dam is screaming...babies are screaming....they are just TERRIFIED of my Christmas extravaganza.I spend hours out there and shoot and shoot and shoot. Off I go into the office....Praying at least one of these hard sought out pictures might turn out acceptable. Go to download and all I get is CARD ERROR!!!! over and over again.Life is not good at this moment....I NEED a picture TODAY.While at wal mart...considering buying a new camera...I see beautiful wreaths for sale cheap. That's it I'll just stick their little heads in it while they lay calmly in my lap...I think to myself... and this is the first shot that I took. Note to self....#1 photo cards go BAD over download download AND of course....Keep it simple stupid!!!!!
Happy New Year!
Tails Up!

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Siththarasithwila said...

Happy New Year....! I'm Postal too.. I like to know you.I'm Sri Lankan. My best Hobby is blogging....